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I was born in the western Pennsylvania town of New Kensington.  I grew up not too far from there in the little coalmining town of Renton, Pa.  My parents were Walter and Jennie Pedroski.  My dad worked in the coalmine of Renton.  My parents instilled into my brother, sister and myself, church on Sunday, a work ethic, complete honesty in all of our behavior, and a great education.  My days were spent wandering all around the countryside, fishing in lakes, climbing the trees, and always hearing my dads country music and polka music in the house.  Dad played the guitar, accordion, and harmonica.  My brother David and I learned the country songs by the color of the labels before we could read.  The black label was Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb - Decca.  The red label was Carl Smith on Columbia.  The yellow label was Sun Records - Johnny Cash.

My dad was also an avid film collector buying up his old cowboy movies and comedies like our Gang and Abbott and Costello.  He would put up a movie screen on warm summer nights and run his old Hoot Gibson cowboy movies and his comedies for all the kids in the neighborhood.  Those were the days!  It amazes me that I had been shown these things at a young age and those were the 2 things that I did in my life — act and write songs!

We were very poor in those days.  I recall eating surplus cheese and hot coffee on my cornflakes because there was no milk money.  We caught fish in the lakes and hunted rabbit and pheasant to eat.  I recall hunting deer one day.  I was hiding behind a tree and a doe came up the hill and stopped about 3 feet from where I was.  I could not shoot that beautiful creature and I quit hunting forever on that day.

It has been a fun ride for nearly 50 years in the music and acting business.  I’ve cherished the honest and passionate people that I have been able to meet.  I keep on writing those songs about what my eyes see and then I can sing them to Tania.

My Best to Everyone,